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Ways to Protect Your Customers and Your Land

by Mike Massey on May 11, 2012

If you have guests or customers using your land or coming to a business that you have on your property, there are a few easy steps to take to make sure your customers and your land are safe.

Post and enforce safety rules. I cannot say this often enough. It isn’t enough to post safety rules, you should enforce them equally among guests. If you create a safe environment by maintaining the property and enforcing safety rules, your guests will likely appreciate it and comply.

Clearly mark any known dangers. When you have guests on your land, it is important to notify them of any dangerous areas you are aware of.  For example, if there is an old well on your property, put signs around the area and clearly mark the spot. You might even want to rope it off.

Inspect equipment frequently and perform regular maintenance.  This is a common-sense step that can keep your customers safe. If your business is outdoor-related, the elements will take a toll on your equipment and buildings. Checking equipment is particularly important when it comes to deer stands. Stands are often left up throughout the seasons and should be checked for safety prior to deer season opening. Keep a record of your maintenance activities and inspections. If you plan on taking families on hay rides through your farm, be sure to carefully inspect the trailer and tractor. Provide sturdy steps to board the trailer, and consider including safety rails. These simple steps can help keep your customers safe and your business and land free from legal trouble.

These are just a few simple tips to protecting yourself, your land, and your customer. Common sense techniques can help you create a safe environment for your outdoor business.

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