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10 Points on Good Business Negotiations

by Mike Massey on September 17, 2014

Twenty plus years of business practice have put me squarely in the middle of many negotiations, all designed to gain the best deal outcomes for my clients. Every time I go through the process I learn a little more about human nature and practical issues that arise. I hope the following points help you the […]

Things to Consider when Buying a Business

by Mike Massey on September 3, 2012

Can you afford it? That seems like a simple one doesn’t it. Unfortunately, many purchasers get their hearts so set on buying a business that they fail to realistically consider the financial requirements. For instance, you may decide you can obtain the financing necessary to make the purchase and carry the note but what about the cash flow […]

10 Thoughts on Writing a Good Contract

by Mike Massey on December 6, 2011

By: G. Michael Massey Everyone deals with contracts sooner or later.   So any good business person should be a student of good contract principles and understand the legal basics when it comes to contracts.  Just a few thoughts, for starters: A contract should document a “meeting of the minds” between the parties to the contract.  […]