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Drafting a Hunting Lease

If you lease your land to hunters, you need a well-written lease to help protect them, yourself, your business, and your property. A well-written hunting lease makes it clear what services will be provided and what is expected in return. Having these clearly defined helps make the trip a successful one.

We work with you and go through different scenarios and options in order to draft the lease that best fits your needs and protects you. A generic lease is never a good option, as each property and business is different. You need a lease that fits your needs.

Things to be included in a hunting lease might include

  • Properly identify the parties to the agreement – verify incorporation, whether you are dealing with someone with proper authority to bind a legal entity for instance
  • Waiver of liability – make sure that your clients understand they are assuming any liability of hunting on your land and that they will agree to hold you harmless for those types of things.
  • Description of the land – a good legal description of the land and any easements clarifies the lease
  • Payment terms and any price escalations
  • Options to renew
  • Terms on which the lease may be terminated – don’t leave any surprises in a lease, clearly describe these terms
  • Rules and any other critical factors – what do you expect from your lessee

Most importantly, don’t use a “cookie-cutter” lease or one that is generic. Having a lease specific to your land and your needs can avoid hassles and problems later on.

Useful Resource

Hunting Leases: Considerations and Alternatives for Landowners, Mississippi State University Natural Resource Enterprises Program

Using Guides or Outfitters

If you plan to use hunting or fishing guides for your business, drawing up an independent contractor agreement or employment agreement benefit you. If guides are independent contractors and will have direct contact with your clients, you might include a non-solicitation or non-compete clause in your agreement with them.