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Legal Services Offered

Starting a Business – Business Entity Formation

When you are starting your business, it is important to select the right type of business entity that is appropriate for your specific situation. We help you work through the questions and paperwork that will help you make the right decision. Learn more about business entity formation services.

Drafting Hunting Leases – Lease Agreements

Having a well-written lease can protect you, your business, and your land. Let us help you think through this process and cover your bases. Learn more about our lease drafting services for hunting leases.


A well-written legal contract can help your business deal with a variety of situations. Each contract should be unique to the situation and business or property involved. We can help you think through situations and issues that should be written into the contract unique to your business. Our legal services for writing contracts can help you avoid expensive litigation later and help you protect your land.

Wills and Estate Planning

Keeping land in the family is important. When you pass the land on to your children or grandchildren, good estate planning can ensure that the land remains in the family in the future. Learn more about estate planning services.

Probate Work

The Probate process in Mississippi involves filing the purported will to the appropriate court, filling a petition to have the court approve the will and appoint an executor, notifying creditors, providing an affidavit, and more. Let us provide legal assistance with the probate process to ensure it goes smoothly.

Disputes with Shareholders/Partners

We can assist you when handling the termination of a business due to business disputes. Learn more about the process and details involved in dissolving a partnership or business.

Real Property

Legal services for real property include titles, deeds, contracts, sales, closings, disputes, leases, and more. We can assist you with the preparation and review of legal documents dealing with real property including land, structures, and rights.

Property or Boundary Disputes

Buying or Selling Land or a Business

Liability Issues