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2016-2017 Mississippi Hunting Season

DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to fully disclose all rules and regulations pertaining to these seasons. To read the full details including bag limits, legal deer definition, seasons, open areas and more, visit the MDWFP hunting season publication. NOTE: seasons are subject to change by MDWFP due to flooding and other causes.  Visit www.mdwfp.com for […]

Adam LaRoche takes a stand for his family

Adam Laroche, first baseman for the Chicago White Sox, until a few days ago, has a contract that would pay him $13 million for another year’s worth of baseball. But on March 16, 2016, White Sox team president Ken Williams reportedly told LaRoche that he needed to quit bringing his son with him to the ballpark every day, presumably thinking […]

How to Have a Safe Hunting Season

I finally made it to the woods last weekend, and was halfway to my stand before I realized I had forgotten my hunter orange vest, so I had to go back and get it. Once in my tree stand, I realized I was wearing white socks, not a good look in the woods. At least […]

2015-2016 Hunting Seasons in Mississippi

DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to fully disclose all rules and regulations pertaining to these seasons. To read the full details including bag limits, legal deer definition, seasons, open areas and more, visit the MDWFP hunting season publication. NOTE: seasons are subject to change by MDWFP due to flooding and other causes.  Visit www.mdwfp.com for […]

10 Points on Good Business Negotiations

Twenty plus years of business practice have put me squarely in the middle of many negotiations, all designed to gain the best deal outcomes for my clients. Every time I go through the process I learn a little more about human nature and practical issues that arise. I hope the following points help you the […]

2014-2015 Mississippi Hunting Seasons

Looking for the current 2015-2016 Hunting Season Info? Click here. While you are busy planning for hunting season, it’s a good time to check your hunting club property for any safety issues or concerns. Read our tips for hunting clubs to increase safety of their members and reduce club liability for some ideas of what […]

Estate Planning for Ownership Interests in Hunting Clubs

There is very little in life more enjoyable than the time we spend with our family and friends at our hunting camps.  Protect that special part of your life by thinking ahead and planning both within your hunting clubs and in your own estate planning. Tips on How to Pass Your Equity Hunting Membership to […]

Trespassers will be shot - Survivors will be shot again

One phrase from the most famous prayer of all says:   “… and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”…   Some translate the word “trespasses” as sins, others as “debts”.  Today, we think of trespassing in a different context, involving violations of landowner rights.  But the origins of the word make […]

Daytona Speedway Crash 2013: Liability Disclaimer on Ticket Focal Point in Lawsuits

The 12-car Daytona wreck over the past weekend injured over 30 fans when flying debris got beyond the protective fence on the track. The success by victims in the inevitable lawsuits to follow will center on the extent that courts enforce the liability waiver on the back of the event tickets. Liability Waiver on Daytona […]

Mississippi Land Lease Agreements

Landowners at some point are going to deal with the prospect of leasing land for themselves, or leasing their land to others.  A lease is a contract and a good contract will be well thought out and written in such a manner that both parties clearly understand and agree upon the terms.  Contract disputes often […]

Liability Waivers

Liability waivers are a good idea when inviting people to come on your property. Give them the waiver in advance of the activity; this gives them time to read and consider the waiver before signing it. This gives you a stronger legal standing with regards to the waiver. The most important part of reducing your […]

Things to Consider when Buying a Business

Can you afford it? That seems like a simple one doesn’t it. Unfortunately, many purchasers get their hearts so set on buying a business that they fail to realistically consider the financial requirements. For instance, you may decide you can obtain the financing necessary to make the purchase and carry the note but what about the cash flow […]

Why Do I Need to Make a Will?

Imagine this Scenario Claire recently died.  When her brother Tom went through her belongings, he found her handwritten Will and various other bank statements and correspondence from her stockbroker.  It turns out that Claire, who was always sort of a penny pincher, had an estate worth several hundred thousand dollars when she died.  She never […]

I'll never forget the time I went fishing with....

“WITH” That’s right, “WITH,” as in together. “With” is the most important word in your entire outdoor vocabulary. Try to tell a few hunting or fishing stories without using it. Listen to anybody exaggerate the size of a fish that got away, a buck that magically escaped their deadly eye, or describe the misadventures of their illustrious […]

What is Probate and How Does it Work?

Probate is a court procedure whereby the estate of a deceased individual is administered so that creditors are paid, assets gathered, and property is distributed to the rightful heirs and beneficiaries.  When probating an estate, there is a systematic statutory process involving certain standard procedural steps, all as more particularly set forth in Miss. Code […]

Ways to Protect Your Customers and Your Land

If you have guests or customers using your land or coming to a business that you have on your property, there are a few easy steps to take to make sure your customers and your land are safe. Post and enforce safety rules. I cannot say this often enough. It isn’t enough to post safety […]

Practical ways for hunting clubs to reduce liability

Choose Good Leaders Preventing accidents is the best way to avoid liability. The tone for the standard of conduct for your club is set by your leaders and then usually followed by most of the other members. Consider this the next time you are electing officers. Be sure to pick someone who sets the right […]

Legal Devices to Help Hunting Clubs and Landowners Minimize Their Liability

Incorporate or form an LLC Hunting Clubs Hunting clubs can minimize liability exposure by incorporating. A properly organized corporation covers its members from personal liability for club activities. Many hunting clubs are nothing more than unincorporated associations, groups of hunters who are pooling their money to pay for a hunting lease.  Unincorporated associations do not […]

Hunting Club Lawsuits - Could this happen to you?

Discussed below are several cases which illustrate the types of issues which have given rise to lawsuits concerning hunting clubs, not just in Mississippi but in other states as well.  Ask yourself if things like this could happen at your club and then take measures to make sure it never does. Hall v Booth, 423 […]

Landowner Liability Issues

Landowners face potential liability when they allow others to use their land for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, etc.  However, the state of Mississippi along with many other states have passed recreational land owner liability statues that limit the liability of land owners in certain situations. No Fee Access – Landowner Protected by Mississippi Code If […]

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